Newspapers in Education

Each year, the Georgia History Festival’s education initiatives center around a figure or topic in Georgia history. Along with public programs, classroom resources, training opportunities for teachers and in-school programming, the Georgia Historical Society also creates digital publications that explore these themes and are made available to students and educators.

Newspapers are encouraged to share these publications with their local schools as part of the Georgia History Festival. The festival is the signature K-12 educational program of the Georgia Historical Society. Beginning with the new school year, a variety of public programs, exhibits, in-school events and educational resources bring history to life for students of all ages and encourage Georgians to explore the richness and diversity of our state’s past. The festival culminates in February, the founding month of the Georgia colony, with founding city events like the popular Colonial Faire and Muster living history program held at Wormsloe State Historic Site, Savannah’s colorful Georgia Day Parade and the annual Trustees Gala.

This year’s publication, “Analyzing Maps and Using Spatial Thinking Skills,” examines the topics of map reading and geographic literacy. It can be downloaded at Newspapers-in-Education-2022.

Go to to download other publications from the Georgia Historical Society.