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GPEF Scholarships:


GPEF annually awards scholarships to Georgia residents attending Georgia colleges and universities who are pursuing a career in the field of print journalism. Financial need, career plans, grades, interviews, journalism experience at school publications and recommendations of advisers, principals, teachers, counselors or Georgia Press Association members are all factors in the scholarship award process.


To be eligible for a scholarship:


  1. Parents of applicants must be legal residents of Georgia for two years or applicant must be a resident of the state for three years.
  2. Scholarship recipients must attend a Georgia college or university.
  3. Individual need must be established. Family income is among those factors considered.
  4. A prior interest in newspaper journalism must be established.
  5. Applicant should be recommended by a high school counselor, principal, college professor and/or Georgia Press Association member.
  6. Application may be made during senior year in high school or at any undergraduate college level.
  7. Scholarship applications are applied to the current academic year. All applications must be resubmitted for consideration for the next year.
  8. Possible personal consideration could offset or augment any of the above.


Scholarship applications are available by clicking here: GPEFScholarshipApp2020Scholarship applications are due March 1, 2021. Students being considered for scholarships will be interviewed by members of the GPEF board of trustees as part of the application process. The scholarships must be used to pay for college tuition. Funds are sent directly to the financial aid department of the college or university.


Students may be awarded one of the following honor scholarships or a GPEF scholarship:


  • Otis A. Brumby II Scholarship: This scholarship is awarded annually to a college junior or senior majoring in print journalism. Priority will be given to applicants from Cobb County. The Brumby Community Scholarship is named in honor of Otis A. Brumby, Jr., longtime publisher of the Marietta Daily Journal, Neighbor Newspapers and Cherokee Tribune. He is a past president of the Georgia Press Association and frequent winner of GPA and AP Freedom of Information Awards. He is also the first recipient of the David E. Hudson Open Government Award. Apply using GPEF scholarship form.
  • Durwood McAlister Scholarship: Established in 1992 by The Atlanta Journal, this scholarship is awarded annually to an outstanding student majoring in print journalism at a Georgia college or university. The McAlister Scholarship is named in honor of Durwood McAlister, former editor of The Atlanta Journal. Apply using GPEF scholarship application form.
  • Morris Newspaper Corp. Scholarship: Established in 1987 by Charles Morris, Morris Newspaper Corp., Savannah, this scholarship is awarded annually to an outstanding print journalism student. Applications can be submitted through newspapers in the Morris Newspaper Corporation family and recipients are named by the GPEF Board of Trustees. Students may also apply using a GPEF scholarship form.
  • William C. Rogers Scholarship: This scholarship was established in memory of William Curran Rogers Sr., who was editor and publisher of the Swainsboro Forest-Blade for more than 30 years. During his career, he served as president of Georgia Press Association, president of National Newspaper Association and president of National Newspaper Representatives. The William C. Rogers Scholarship granted by the Georgia Press Educational Foundation to students of the Grady College of Journalism and Mass Communication at the University of Georgia was established in his honor.





Billy Watson Internship Program


Since 1994, GPEF has provided more than 150 Georgia newspapers grants to hire a paid summer intern through the Billy Watson Internship Program.


Today, the program continues to offer eight-week internship grants to newspapers to hire students interested in any phase of newspaper production, including advertising, editorial, circulation/marketing, online publishing and pre-press production.


The internship program provides students with actual newspaper experience while reinforcing their scholastic training with a goal of convincing interns to pursue a career in the newspaper industry. Most interns credit the program with giving them a perspective of the newspaper business that they could not have gleaned from the classroom alone.


Internships are awarded to publications that are members of Georgia Press Association. Newspapers that are awarded internship grants are responsible for the hiring of student interns and may choose from their own candidates or from candidates applying for internships through Georgia Press Educational Foundation.




For the summer of 2020, 5 members of Georgia Press Association were awarded grants to hire interns. Could your newspaper use an internship grant next summer? Plan for it now. Recruit potential interns at your local college or high school and encourage the students to apply through the program. Download a host application here: InternshipHostApp2019




Students interested in internships with a specific newspaper in the summer of 2020 should contact that newspaper to make sure that they are eligible for a grant as a member of Georgia Press Association and that they are applying for a grant through GPEF. Newspapers that are awarded grants are responsible for hiring an intern from the GPEF pool of candidates or other candidates. Download a student application here: StudentInternApp2020


Student and newspaper applications are due March 1, 2021.


Questions? Contact Sharon Dowdy at 770-468-3558.



How can GPEF help you reach your career goals in journalism?

Gabriel Burns

Ask Gabe Burns.


Gabe took over the Atlanta Braves beat for The Atlanta Journal-Constitution a few months ago. He’s fulfilled a career goal that he talked about when he interviewed for a GPEF scholarship a couple years ago.


Gabe was awarded the William C. Rogers Scholarship for his senior year at Valdosta State University. The summer before, he worked an internship at The Valdosta Daily Times that was partly funded through GPEF’s Billy Watson Internship Program.


How did GPEF’s assistance affect his career?


“Journalism is a calling, as cliché as that might sound. There’s an irresistible urge to keep the public informed, provide a voice to the voiceless and write compelling stories that connect reader and subject. You realize immediately if it’s the field for you.


“The Georgia Press Educational Foundation afforded me further opportunities, both through scholarship and internship, that allowed me to better myself in the field. Journalism requires hands-on experience. You can’t grasp how meaningful the job is in the classroom. Real-work experience is a requirement, and thanks to GPEF, I had ideal circumstances to begin my career as a sports writer.


“Less than three years after declaring my journalism major, I am the Braves beat writer for The Atlanta Journal-Constitution. And I have GPEF largely to thank for putting me in the right direction.”


— Gabe Burns, AJC







GPEF makes scholarship awards to students, internship grants

For the fifth straight year, Georgia Press Educational Foundation is providing more than $33,000 to encourage students interested in pursuing careers in newspapers.

In April, GPEF’s Board of Trustees awarded seven college students with scholarships that will help them continue their journalism studies at Georgia universities. GPEF is giving a total of $12,000 to students at Mercer University, Savannah State University, Spelman College and Valdosta State University.

GPEF also granted 15 Georgia newspapers $1,500 each to help them fund eight-week summer internships for high school and college students seeking experience working in advertising departments and newsrooms. The newspapers will supplement the grants with $500 each, and they will pay for their interns work-related expenses, such as mileage. Eighteen newspapers applied for internship grants.

Congratulations to GPEF scholarship recipients for 2020-21 term:

• Bethany Davis, Valdosta State University, Otis Brumby II Scholarship

• Lenah, Valdosta State University, GPEF Scholarship

• Prince Robinson, Valdosta State University, Morris Corporation Scholarship

These newspapers were awarded internship funding for the summer of 2020 from GPEF:

The Courier-Herald, Dublin

The Darien News, Darien

Monroe County Reporter, Forsyth

The Press-Sentinel, Jesup

The Newnan Times-Herald