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In 1887, the Georgia Press Association was founded to bring together Georgia newspapers.
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Create an organization, which would protect, promote, foster and advance the interest of the newspaper industry in Georgia.more

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S.B. 186 threatens public notice

The Georgia State Senate is moving forward with S.B. 186, a bill that would allow local governments the option to put public notices on their own websites instead of having them published in newspapers. Public notices belong where they reach the widest possible audience — in newspapers and at our state’s public notice website, The bill has been moved to the Senate Rules Committee for consideration after passing out of the State and Local Government Operations Committee. Newspapers are urged to contact their senators, especially those on the Rules Committee, to let them know of your opposition to the bill. Help further by writing news stories and editorials about the dangers in S.B. 186 to the public’s ability to keep a check on its government. GPA also would like all publishers to send a note of thanks to Sen. Gloria Butler and Sen. Greg Kirk for standing against S.B. 186 in a recent committee hearing. Take action today!

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