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Market your product, service or opportunity
effectively, easily and economically.

For just $1,400, you can place a 2×2 ad
$750 you can place a 1×2 ad
in over 95 GA newspapers.

For just $2,800, you can place a 2×4 ad
in over 95 GA newspapers.
For regional coverage, the 2×4 cost is $1,500


This is a fraction of the price you would pay to place the ads directly in participating newspapers. Our “one order – one check” gets all your newspaper ads out quickly & effectively.

You can also target specific markets with regional placement by choosing
North or South Georgia at lower regional prices.


Along with Georgia statewide coverage, GNS offers regional and national
coverage through other statewide networks.
Ask for a free quote.

Contact Bruce Washington  at Georgia Newspaper Service, Inc.
Call 770-454-6776

Ask for a free quote

Contact Bruce Washington at Georgia Newspaper Service, Inc.
Call 770-454-6776


2×2 Entire State – $1,400.00
1×2 Entire State – $750.00
2×2 North or South Georgia $800.00
1×2 North or South Georgia $400.00

2×4 Entire State – $2,800.00
2×4 North or South Georgia $1,500.00


When your ad will run:

Ads will run one time between Sunday and Saturday in each participating newspaper. Exact publication date is at the discretion of the newspapers. Specific days cannot be requested.

Ad Sizes

2 x 2 = 3.792″ x 2″
1 x 2 = 1.833″ x 2″

Ad Design

We prefer that you have camera-ready PDF copy already prepared. Please submit one copy with your order. If you do not, please sketch clearly how the ad should appear in the provided box on the order form. We will be more than happy to design your ad for a $50 charge.


All ads and payments are due at our office by noon Tuesday prior to the week you want your ad to be published