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Join the GPA’s Article and Ad Share network.

Step 1:  Email  and let us know what member paper you are with and give us your Google email address.

If you do not have a free Google Drive account, sign up here.

Step: 2  You will receive an invite via email with a link to the GPA Article and Ad Share folder.

Step: 3  To access the folder in the future, log-in to your Google drive account and click on the “Shared with me” link on the left hand side (see image below).

Step 4:  Sort through the folders to find the articles or ads you need.


article and ad share


Sharing Content Across Georgia

Mission: Create a network of state news from member work in order to provide credible journalism for Georgia readers and grow healthy communities.


  • Each news organization controls what it makes available to others.
  • Contributing news organization can specify platform usage of its content. Example: Print only, digital only, both.
  • Contributed pieces, photos and graphics will be available for approximately 14 days. Queues will be cleared regularly of content older than two weeks.
  • All pieces must be properly credited to the reporter/photographer and the originating news organization. Online work should be summarized and linked back to original reporting site.
  • Accounts may be accessed only by Georgia Press Association member organizations.
  • Suggested minimums for participants: Weeklies, 3 per month; Dailies, 5 per month


  • All posted pieces should be filed in the appropriate file.
  • All posted pieces should carry a file name, posting date, town. Example: JailDeath 06052015 Savannah